Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great Ad Rotating Plugin for WordPress

If you've got an e-commerce site, two things you're going to want to do is offer free stuff to increase traffic, and make sure you advertise your flagship products on your own site.  For example, offering a gardening tutorial is a great place to advertise your magic fertilizer.

If your site is driven by WordPress, one plugin that has worked for me is AdRotate.  I had some difficulty getting this to work due to a lack of documentation, but once I found the right tag to use for my ad, everything worked fine.  Here's a clip of the code that worked:

AdRotate will permit you to cycle through a group of ads where you want people to see them.  Remember: you know what's on your site, but a new visitor may land on a page and not know the answer they've been looking for is on a different page of your site.  Cycling ads in the margin is a great way to boost sales.