Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Has Worked for Me So Far

Over the past seven months, I would divide everything I've learned about internet marketing into two three groups:

1 Fundamental Internet Marketing (juicing the search engines and SEO)

2) Ancillary Internet marketing (social media)

3) Tools (tips, tricks and gimmicks)

Using the Google keyword tool, I've selected my URLs based on the traffic the keywords I'm targeting are already getting before I purchase them. Since I'm not selling that many products, I've purchased URLs for each product and launched a website for each product using high traffic, longtail URLs.  As a result, I now rank on the first page and sometimes at the top of Google for the keywords I've targeted.

Cinema 4D Ocean (

Cinema 4D Lighting (

Cinema 4D models (

I have more in the pipeline waiting for their own websites.

Regarding #2, Facebook proved to be a useful tool to jump-start my website, but seemed to lose steam over 90 days, proving to be too expensive for long-term marketing.

#3 is where the bulk of internet marketing gurus try to make their living; selling little marketing helpers, software and tools.  I've found there's pretty much a Wordpress plugin for nearly everything, and if you can't find a Wordpress plugin that does what you're looking for, you should hire someone in Pakistan to write it for you, because that's where you'll make some money.

I'm currently working on a back-link building plugin for Wordpress. It's not cheap and will take over a year to write (because I'm poor), but that's one thing I haven't seen yet in a Wordpress plugin.